Why Glass

Think about it. If you find a piece of glass that’s thousands of years old, it’s the same as it was when made. Yeah, there are pieces of glass that old. The glass may get chipped or a little worn, but the composition is still the same. Glassmaking started about 5000 years ago, and glassblowing is much younger; it is only 2000 years old!

So, what’s the point? The point is that glass does not change, degrade, or pollute. It is composed of inert minerals like silica. No, it’s not sand; that’s a grain size. No, it is not organic! It is not going to kill the planet.

Yes, glass can be recycled or upgraded, as we like to call it. With a few minor additives, you can dress it up in the colors of the rainbow. But these additives are natural metal oxides that color nature; they make gemstones beautiful and petrified wood stunning.

Yes, glass has hundreds of uses! It is all around us; it is part of every facet of our lives. The beauty of glass makes us want to touch it. When a beautiful vase holds a bouquet of flowers, we want to take a deep breath. It facilitates communication and hearing via fiber optic cables. Glass improves our vision. An excellent wine in the perfect glass makes our drink taste better. Glass enhances all our senses.

Yes, it is beautiful and fun to play with. It is a medium all to its own. Whether you call it a rigid liquid or a colloidal gel. Glass can start as molten, be blown and shaped, and as it cools, it forms a solid. It’s magical all on its own. Its reflectivity allows us to see ourselves as we genuinely are, or maybe who we are not.

Yes, we have the only and the best place around here to have fun like this! The greater Houston area is the size of a state like Rhode Island. But Three Dimensional Visions is the only open access glassblowing studio. That means you can come and watch; you can come and create; you can bring your friends, family, colleagues, and clients for an event. If you are an experienced glassmaker, you can rent time. You can come and be blown away with us at the hottest place in town.

Yes, you can book now.

What are you waiting for? Everything is bigger and better in Texas, Even Dreams.

As you sit there reading this, you know there is something else to think about. We (you, me, our spouses, our kids, and probably our grandchildren) are all bonded with plastic. Our society is married to plastic. We drink out of plastic cups; we eat off plastic plates; our food is packaged in plastic containers. Heck, we are now removing highly toxic lead pipes and replacing them with PVC, aka plastic.

Slowly, we are absorbing these artificial compounds into our bodies. We probably have plastic molecules inside us. What’s worse is that we currently don’t have a practical plastic recycling solution for all that stuff. It fills up our landfills, pollutes the soil and underground water sources, and what’s left as huge piles of trash get dumped into our oceans. It’s not looking real good if we don’t get a better solution to the current rate of pollution.

Alone, I can’t fix it. You can’t fix it, but together we might be able to lessen the environmental impact of plastic pollutants. Together “we” might be able to slow the destruction of the planet.

So what do you say to us raising our glass glasses in a toast to a brighter, healthier future? By the way, if you do not own a glass glass, you can make one with us. Or you can buy one from us; we have them in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Here’s to Us!
Here’s to tomorrow!
Here’s to a brighter future with glass!

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