WOW have we learned a lot! And not just about glass blowing, fabrication, and studio maintenance. Each member of the Three Dimensional Visions team has been a real contributor sharing their expertise and gaining new competencies. Less we forget here’s a list of our achievements in the last year:

  • Designed and built glass blowing equipment including: workbenches, studio tables, heat shields, yokes, pipe cooler, pipe warmer, marver, knock off table, torch stand, stairs for loading into Tommy Top loader, and last but not least our fabulous new exhaust hood. There are still things to do, but this is a pretty good start.
  • Organized our color area for efficiency and learned to recycle as much of the glass we use into trash glass, murine, glass for fusing, or making a zen garden
  • Set up our studio gallery space and started learning about our market and our customers
  • Held live demos, instructed our first students in private and group workshops, and have corporate and social events on our schedule
  • Found people interested in participating in non-paid internships, trained them as blowing assistants and production technicians and now we have a new member of the Three Dimensional Team, Mike DeMarse.
  • With the help of MV Poffenberger artist/graphic designer, we have designed a logo, business cards, banners/signage, and marketing postcards
  • We learned how to spend lots of money quickly. Oh, I already had this skill! But now it can be tracked in QuickBooks, and we can evaluate the effectiveness of our spending.
  • Designed our website and then got a professional involved to get it going! Much thanks to Matt Gleason. We now have a calendar where you can see what’s happening at the studio, register and purchase tickets for events, and purchase items from our online store.
  • We started working on our fabrication shop. Now we have about 24 feet of workbench, a corner to be set up for ceramics, some great tool boxes adding more workspace and some heavy duty shelving. Still, lots to be done, but we have the space up and going so that our friend and colleague Rachel Haynes can work on her glass ideas. Many thanks go to Rachel for her knowledge and skill-sharing with her Three Dimensional Visions family. She is a glassy girl!
  • The jewelry / small fusing studio is up and running. The AC now works, and it’s a great place to work with two French doors and a full side of windows.
  • The property (6.5 acres) has nearly been cleaned of deadwood and all the trash left in the nooks and crannies removed. We can now start thinking about our permaculture plans and outdoor art.
  • Last but not least is the gallery space. We have made some pedestals, put in some glass cabinets, and hope to have an opening for the holidays. There will be a call for art probably in October.

Now it’s time to create some art! Whew, a look back can make you proud!

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