You don’t have to go far to have the adventure of a lifetime.  And you can stay in our intimate studio apartment, Behind the Blue Door.  It has all the amenities you will need.

Our glassblowing studio and gallery provide an environment for creative self-expression.  A place where your mind and body can come out to play while you have a childish fascination with beauty, your breath, your imagination, and perhaps some fire. 

We have the glass.  We have the color; all you have to do is show up.   What will you create?

Your adventure is one to three days of glassmaking with an experienced team.  Decide what you want to make, design the pieces, pick your colors, and start creating.  From garden art to wall art to lighting, find a curated adventure that is just right for you.  You will be part of an unforgettable glass journey, whether you make presents for others, lighting for your house, or a wall installation for your office.  

We like to think that our playground for your mind provides chicken soup for the soul and enriches lives through artistic self-expression.  Start your adventure, let your creativity come to play, and be Blown Away at the Hottest Place in Town.

Ultimate Glassblowing Adventures last 1-3 days for 1-2 people.  Do something new; we make the unfamiliar fun!  If you have questions, give us a call.  Your masterpiece awaits you.

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