Experiences, Experience the Magic

I know that all of us die-hard “Star Wars” fans have been waiting for It and It’s finally here!

Well, so are the long lines, the overpriced popcorn, and soft drinks as well as the couple with the young crying baby who is sitting directly behind you. Sooooo, my young Jedi, you have to ask yourself, “What would Master Yoda do?” Hmmm, might I suggest using your powers and flying over to Three Dimensional Visions for a glassblowing experience!

It’s as cool as flying the Millenium Falcon! You can Make Something that will be around as long as Master Yoda, and it will be as neat as having your own lightsaber. Well, maybe not as neat, but at least you won’t set the Christmas tree on fire.
No Jedi mind tricks here, just a lot of fun!

Memories enduring as Master Yoda it will be.  Let the Force be with you and experience the magic of glass.

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression.

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