Today we learned that our feral chicken, Beauty, was killed by a cat. Not a fun way to start the day, but it is, after all, Friday the 13th!

Beauty had become an integral part of our lives.  Clucking and pecking at the ground, squawking at the hawks who would try to attack her, nesting and laying eggs all over the studio and its property. We kept a feeder of freshwater available for her. All of us took turns, putting out some chicken feed in a dish. Four-year-old Silas had finally learned to approach her quietly.

Then in late January, she started brooding, sitting on a nest in a pot on the back patio of the hot shop. There was no rooster in her life, but she was trying her best to hatch those unfertilized eggs. Typically she was a rather stand-offish hen, but as a brooder, she wouldn’t leave her nest. She would cluck and ruffle up those feathers. We were trying to find some fertilized eggs or some baby chicks to help her fulfill her desire to be a momma. So when we found her dead body and the scattered feathers, we were all deeply disturbed. We even checked the security camera to see what killed her. Yes, indeed it was a big white cat. She killed her just for sport.

There are many ways to deal with this. The first and most obvious is just to be saddened by the loss of Beauty. Another way is to use the strong emotion to express ourselves artistically, that way, something Beauty-full comes out if the situation. I guess the glass is half full. So today Michael built additional pedestals for the gallery. Patrick and Mike made glass, successfully making two new forms. Jacqui and Silas gridded off the hot shop garden for future flowers, berries, & veggies and planted flowers at the front gate entrance. I worked on updating the website images along with some financial creativity.

Beauty was lost, her body planted near the hedgerow but she will continue to be our Beauty, and her memory will always be a part of starting up our glassblowing studio.

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