Value Mindset

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I just finished a five-week online workshop, The Power of Conscious Marketing, put on by Sounds True. So that you know, this is not my first marketing course and it probably won’t be my last. There’s lots of learning yet to do.  Folks from all over the

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Safety – #1 Priority


Safety is our top priority in the glassblowing studio! Everyone who makes glass with us must read & sign our online safety waiver. You must also undergo an in-studio safety orientation. Assume everything in this studio is very hot or sharp. Therefore, be careful where you lean or place

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Enriching lives through artistic self-expression.

enriching, values

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression is the tagline for our business, Three Dimensional Visions. So you might think, what’s involved with that, what does that mean? New experiences are one thing – like providing people with the ability to work with hot glass. Gaining new creative ideas or

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