Evolution of this Creative Act

Creative Act, Panels, Cathedral, Tiles

  My life is so full. I feel like I am in a leaf pile filled with ideas. The beautiful colors surround me, the forms bubble inside me, and the textures overwhelm my visions. The opulence of the concepts keeps me going each day, all day. Creativity

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Lighting the neglected Art!


Lighting has been crucial to humans throughout history. First, there was fire in caves, providing warmth, cooking, and vision. Then It proceeded through time with the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans with their torches. From the Dark Ages to the Renaissance, having light meant status; stained

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Color Theory

Color theory is an essential part of everyday life and art forms. It is the visible spectrum and is a useful tool for the artist. Color can sway thinking, evoke actions, and cause reactions. It is an integral part of communication. Factoid 1. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary

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