Outdoor Art Market

outdoor art market, tennis court, gathering place

When we purchased this property, one of our dreams was to make it into an Art Glass Campus, including outdoor art markets.  We have made significant progress but have not opened everything to the public as we initially dreamed. That idea has morphed since the hours in

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1st Saturday Glassblowing Demo

glassblowing demo

Experience our Glass Blowing Demonstration Are you “Blown Away” by the glass blowing on the Netflix series? Were you totally enthralled, or are you binge-watching to get ready for next season? Wouldn’t you love to go to the Corning Studio and play with fire? Do you realize

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Lighting the neglected Art!


Lighting has been crucial to humans throughout history. First, there was fire in caves, providing warmth, cooking, and vision. Then It proceeded through time with the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans with their torches. From the Dark Ages to the Renaissance, having light meant status; stained

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