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When we purchased this property, one of the dreams was to make it into an Art Glass Campus, including outdoor art markets.  We have made significant progress but have not opened everything to the public as we initially dreamed. That idea has morphed since the hours in a day are limited, as is our money!

During the year of Covid, we started thinking about more ways to make money with our art. We developed an online store so that collectors can shop 24/7 for our glass pieces. If you are local to the greater Houston area, you can buy online and drive up pickup. We are still trying to upgrade the user experience, but it is working slowly but surely.

Then we started thinking about outdoor markets. In Fall, all glassblowers make pumpkins. Often, schools and smaller studios make their expenses for their hot glass studio by these events. We were heavy into making pumpkins in March when Harris County mandated Stay at Home orders. So our pumpkin patch plan got pushed aside, with ideas of how do we safely have people come into the studio and experience glass.

Once everyone could come back to work, we started initiated our new safety protocols and holding Watch & Learns. We still really needed a way to bring in income, so we started thinking about Outdoor Markets and a Fall Pumpkin Patch.

We set up a reservation system so that no more than ten people would be at the studio at any one time. It’s on a half-acre, so that makes it pretty easy to do social distancing. That worked great, and even though the first day was raining, everyone showed up for their reservation. It was a very successful weekend! We decided to duplicate that with Holiday Decorations and glass art for December. That one worked well also.

For these, we put glass art out on our front patio, on our back patio and deck, and in the studio backyard. We also had our showroom open, but most of the sales came from pieces displayed outside.

We were so encouraged by these events that we decided to do a series of outdoor markets in 2021. The idea was to provide other artists with the opportunity to show their work and expose all our customers to different art mediums.

We have a tennis court on our property just north of the house, which contains our art gallery. We measured off the space and figured out how to set up socially distanced booths on it. Having a hard surface is so much better than just on the ground.

Then we started reaching out to artists. Initially, we thought it would be great to have glass only. We had done a survey, and almost everyone thought this was a great idea. But when the rubber hit the road, only one glass artist signed up for our first one of the year. We then opened up to other mediums. There are still some spaces available for the Spring Fling, so if you are an artist or know an artist who wants to be a vendor, you can sign up using our Book Now page.

People who would like to learn more about glass, our facility, and the studio come to join in the fun. There will be campus tours along with demonstrations of glass making, cold working, and fabrication.

So support the local Tomball Art Market.
Expose yourself to other art mediums.

We hope these markets will help expand art sales for the artists and provide a place for art collectors and enthusiasts to talk directly to the artists and begin a relationship with them.

We invite you all to come and enjoy the space, feel the peace, revel in the art, watch some demos and come away feeling enriched.

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression.

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