Our pumpkin seeds don’t come from the ground but from the minds and hearts of the glass blowers.

The Pumpkin Body

The creation of a pumpkin starts with a gather of glass from the furnace. Then depending on the size of the pumpkin, another gather or two are made. Next, the color is applied to the hot glass – perhaps a traditional orange or you the maker could decide to do a purple and pink passion mix. The choice is yours! The next decision is whether the skin is ribbed or not and if so, how deep the ribs should be, this determines which if any optic mold to use. The glass is then stuffed in the mold. The pumpkin is ready to sprout! Shaping starts, at this point, it is for heat maintenance so that the pumpkin can grown to full size. Shaping continues using the jacks, marver, and paddle to make it more oblong, oval, or squat. A little tender loving care is now needed; these pumpkins prefer heat to water. One last flash in the glory hole while we prepare the stem.

The Stem

For the stem, we add two or three gathers of glass on a small bit rod depending on the pumpkin size. The maker selects the color, it could be a traditional brown or green, or perhaps it is raspberry. What fits your personality? The stem is stuffed into a smaller optic mold to give it some texture and heat is applied so that when it is attached to the pumpkin, it can be twisted and turned to complete the look. The pumpkin is torched to round the edges of the stem and perhaps reduce the color. Then off to the box, where it sits safely from all the predators until it can be plucked in about 24 hours (the annealing process).

Ah, the joys of the pumpkin and the glass pumpkin patch at Three Dimensional Visions GlassBlowingHouston. Come on out and join in the fun!

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