New Growth

Ah, Spring! There is new growth – flowers are beginning to bloom, the birds are singing sweetly, and the breeze is blowing. Life is renewing itself as the new green foliage appears. And so are we. I have just completed an intermediate and advanced fusing workshop, and my mind is filled with new concepts and things we can make in the warm shop and then renew in the hot shop.

Ideas are sprouting and jumping from one row ( or person) to the next. Michael and Patrick look at my new work and say, what if…and, of course, this adds fuel to my creativity. Everyone should take the time to renew. These last six days for me have been intensely rewarding. I gained skills, concepts, and a lot of new glass friends. Our class was held in a great retail shop, and the owner is a glass enthusiast herself, which made the course even more successful.

Ideas have been flowing just like the glass has been in the kiln work we have done. You could say I am enjoying my crossover work, melding Kiln-forming and hot glass techniques together. We see the potential for more and more exploration and new endeavors for the hot shop to move forward boldly. Come on out and join in our fun!

Stay safe and have fun!

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression.


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