Lighting has been crucial to humans throughout history. First, there was fire in caves, providing warmth, cooking, and vision. Then It proceeded through time with the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans with their torches. From the Dark Ages to the Renaissance, having light meant status; stained glass windows with reflected colors allowed people to feel closer to God. Castles, churches, and large halls were all illuminated with massive chandeliers, banks of candles. Then we used whale oil. Unfortunately, this almost killed the whales. 

Then Edison came up with the light bulb. Since then, lighting has changed in innumerable ways. All different shapes and sizes, each piece designed for a particular environment. Just like your lighting should be.

What could be more dazzling than a unique glass pendant, sconce, or chandelier to light your room. The optical properties of glass make it an excellent choice for your space. Select one of our designs or help design one just for you. It is a unique signature for your personality and living space. You are individual, so show off with unique pendants or chandeliers to fill your rooms.

A well-lit room is a useful room; a dark room is just a cave. You don’t want to live in a cave, do you? After all, the only thing that has remained constant during all this time is our need for light at night.

Stay safe and have fun!

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