Wedding (Unity) Glass

The Unity Ceremony symbolize the intertwining of two unique individuals into a partnership, a blending of lives into a joined union. There are several options to use in a Unity Ceremony, but one unique way is through the medium of glass. During the wedding ceremony, you combine different colored glass crystals. After the service, an experienced glassmaker will create a work of art that you help design that symbolized your union and lasts a lifetime. With this art piece, you will remember your ceremony, be able to share your story, and visualize your union.

The process is simple.

Choose your Colors & Pick them up

Select your glass crystal colors (glass frit) in our studio. If you are local, come to the studio, pick them out, and take them with you.  If you live elsewhere, you can select the colors online, and they will be shipped in individual packets for use in your ceremony. The current price for the glass crystals is $12/ounce (price varies as our cost varies). (We will only make forms with verified COE 96 glass, so please don’t buy elsewhere without confirmation. ) If shipping is required, costs are additional.

Set up a Design Meeting (Before or After Wedding)

1. Call and set up a design meeting at our studio.
2. Help design your Unity piece. Choose your form: vase, bowl, or sculptural form that will be hand made after your wedding ceremony.
3. Discuss the desired dimensions: height, width, depth. Clarify variances required on each.
4. Sign the commission contract clarifying colors, form, and estimated dimensions for your Unity piece.
5. Put a 50% deposit down on the price of your artwork. Because each piece is unique, we do not have set prices, but we can do art forms starting at about $250.

After the wedding

1. Return the glass crystals to the studio.
2. Review the Unity contract and clarify any points of question.
3. Work on your piece will begin as soon as our schedule allows. One of our glass artists will create your art form, as described in the contract with the glass colors used in your ceremony
4. A photo of the finished piece will be sent to you, and then the remaining monies are due. Once paid your finished art can be picked up or we will carefully package and ship it to you (at your expense). The entire after wedding process typically is completed within 4-8 weeks.

Other options:

Also, unique to your unity ceremony concept, consider having your wedding party celebrate with us. We can do a narrated glass blowing demo and then for smaller groups, we can help each of the attendees “Make a Something.” Are you considering gifts for your parents or the wedding party?  Unique glass art and giftware are for sale in our studio showroom & galleries. We also offer glass blowing experiences that range in price from $60-$525/person, and of course, we also provide glass blowing classes and weekend workshops. We can also incorporate some of your glass crystals from your wedding, into small glass momentos for your special participants. These are truly unique and thoughtful gifts that will form lifetime memories.