Today’s culture is all about instant gratification! Come be gratified by creating a piece of glass in our studio!

What was life before the mobile phone and the internet? Technology advances have provided both gains and losses. The expansion of information technology has caused humans to lose patience. We are part of a let’s do it now and get the results immediately culture. We are all characters in a short attention span play.

It is inconceivable that just a few decades ago airmail was a speedy delivery. Today we live in a world of texting, emails, and 3D printers. We don’t even have the patience to not text or talk on the phone while driving, even though we all know it is dangerous. We are shifting from people living in the real world to exist in cyberspace.

So change, and steady growth surrounds us. Houston is growing, and so is Three Dimensional Visions. We are the Houston areas only open-access glassblowing studio. We are the hottest new venue (our furnaces are over 2000 degrees F)! Our growth is due to love for art, the pursuit of fine craftsmanship, and teamwork. What we are trying to do is allow people to reconnect with real life by using their hands, minds, and hearts.

It is so beautiful to see the glowing smiles of our customers and students in the studio. We have seen individuals, couples, and groups after they are exposed to the magic of glass, and that spark is terrific. Everyone leaves the studio with a sparkle in their eyes and a head full of dreams. We are fortunate to create an environment where ideas are executed daily with heat, breath, and imagination.

Thanks to Texas for building a fast track to our studio! The Grand Parkway is now open, and you can exit Telge Rd from the east or Cypress-Rosehill from the west and avoid that local traffic and get that instant gratification. So come on out, join in the fun, make some glass, and make your dreams a reality.

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression.

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