imagination, Creativity & Childhood

Remember when you were a kid?  Imagination was everything!  You never thought about creativity.

As a child, your imagination flows; it was uncontrolled by the laws of nature or science.  Your imagination emerged!  The world was yours to do anything with: a paper grocery bag was a spacesuit helmet, a cardboard box was a fort, a house, or a car; a tree was a castle. Nothing stopped you from reimagining the world into any fantasy adventure.

As we mature, our imagination gets squashed by the life we live; the laws use to govern it, the processes we follow, the sequences of things, and we become goal-oriented.

Do you miss that fun of your childhood days? Wish you could conquer the dragon, grab the treasure, create a new experience and memories? You can.

Let your imagination emerge, and then come and let your creativity flow and make something purposeful.  If we think it, it exists!

Our dragon never sleeps, and you can create wonders that will last for years.

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