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Three Dimensional Visions | GlassBlowingHouston

Visit our glassblowing studio, experience the magic of glass, and take home a piece of glass art you'll cherish for a lifetime.

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The Studio

The greater Houston area’s only open access glassblowing studio.  The hot shop at GlassBlowingHouston is a magical place!  You can acquire glass artcreate your own glass, learn to blow glass, and host your own group events.  We invite you to come out and meet your glassblowing team!

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression.

What is glassblowing?

It all starts by melting pure silica (sand) with various chemicals added, called batch or cullet (pre-heated). The furnace crucible (pot) is where the batch is melted into a liquid state (the consistency of honey) and then kept at a constant working temperature.

The first thing a glassmaker must do is take a gather of glass. The gaffer (lead glassmaker) takes a 5-foot pipe and turns it in the molten glass to gather. Then, they shape the gather and add their breath by blowing through the pipe. After this, tools and air shape the glass.

Metal oxides (in the form of bar or glass shards) provide color.  The glass is kept hot and workable by reheating it in the glory hole. Obtaining the proper shape is very important, and you continue working until the form you want is achieved. Then the glass form is placed in the box (the annealer), and it cools slowly, for a minimum of 14-18 hours.

Glassblowing is all about a liquid that is manipulated by breath, heat, tools, and imagination. You work the glass while it is hot, and as it cools, it starts to reach a solid state. Glass becomes a stable solid form when it anneals (cool) very slowly.

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Glory Hole



Please Support the Art of Glassblowing in our Community!

Three Dimensional Visions is all about “enriching lives through artistic self-expression.” We provide the opportunity for people to blow glass and have the experience of a lifetime. We teach glassblowing classes. We rent bench and glory hole time to other glassmakers. We all work with the most fantastic medium to make our glass art and hopefully bring joy to your heart, home, or workplace.

Running a glassblowing studio is an expensive endeavor. The glass furnace that holds molten glass must stay on 24/7. If the power goes out, several consequences can occur, including losing your pot and or your entire furnace.

Besides electric power, we must also have gas for our glory holes or reheat furnaces. These are on only during working hours. Then, of course, there are costs for the other utilities, like water, septic, garbage, internet, and telephones. Our average monthly charges for these are about $4000/month. Of course, there are costs to rent space to work in, labor, expenses, and the costs for raw glass and color. The initial investment in the equipment is nothing to sneeze about, and this equipment must be continuously maintained and repaired!

We try to encourage everyone to support the arts, support glass as an art medium. All funds donated will go directly to the programs chosen to continue to follow our dream and enrich people’s lives in the Houston area through artistic self-expression with glass.

Aide with Operational Expenses.
Cover the high costs for utilities, raw materials, and consultants to enable our community to experience the magic of glass.

Contribute to Continuing Education for Consulting Artists.
Assist in sending our working consulting artists to outside classes and/or bringing other glass artists to the studio to work with them on specific skills.

Enable 1st Saturday Free Demonstration.
Help support our first Saturday Free Demo where we make a medium to large size piece, narrate the process, and enable our community to be “Blown Away” by glass as an artistic medium.

Provide Glass & Color for Classes.
We love teaching, sharing our enthusiasm and knowledge of glass.  Donations here allow us to keep the prices as low as possible while paying all the bills involved.

Support Visiting Artist Program.
We love meeting glass enthusiasts and other makers.  Contributions here will help us bring glass artists from other places to come and work with our staff, the glassmakers who rent with us, our students, and the community in general so we can all be enriched by their artistic self-expression.