Welcome glass lovers to the world of Three Dimensional Visions! We want to connect with other glass artists, glass enthusiasts, and people who want to enrich their lives through artistic self-expression.

We are a new glass studio and gallery that opened on April 1st, 2014! How appropriate, April Fools! We are the Houston area’s only open-access glassblowing studio. That means that you can come and watch us work anytime. Hot glass is our main media, but we work on fused glass and a few cold glass projects. We love visitors, so come on out.

We are currently developing a group of interns vying for a production technician job at our shop. That means they assist the glass blowers, help maintain the equipment, and keep the shop clean & functioning effectively. Sometimes they have to chase our feral chicken, Beauty, out of the shop and collect her eggs when she roosts under one of the tables.

We also plan on having artists in residence. These folks will come to our studio, teach us and others, hold an event, and get some studio time of their own. We have been fortunate to meet some great folks here in the Houston area who have experienced blowers with private studios, and they have been very wonderful about sharing their expertise. We look forward to passing it on.
Stay tuned to our posts as we hope to talk about everything we are doing, from the creative process to the adventures of starting your own business, learning new skills, teaching glass classes, creating art, and selling art. What works and what doesn’t! Okay, that’s it for now — we hope to talk to you again soon.

Stay safe and have fun!

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression.

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