Want to take a break from the mundane and have a real adventure while you create your art? Explore warm and hot glass at Three Dimensional Visions during Spring Break!

We offer two five day sessions from 10 am – 2:30 for ages 14 and over. There are two days of warm glass, where you create a flat fused glass form and some dichroic glass jewelry or tiles. Then for the frosting on the cake, there will be three days of glass blowing.  During this session, you will learn to gather from the furnace, work at the bench and have an expert gaffer guide you in making small forms like paperweights, ornaments, pumpkins, implosion bowls, and flowers. We promise it will be a hot time!

Spots are limited to 6 people for each session, so sign up early. All participants must read our safety policy and sign the release form ( under 18 must be signed by their legal guardian, who we must meet before the session starts.). The classes are $600/person.  More info is available

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