We have been planning our new glass blowing exhaust system (i.e., big kitchen hood) for quite a while. Who knew that designing it would be just as challenging as procuring materials and building the framework? Michael spent a lot of time thoughtfully designing and redesigning. We decided on 16GA 304 stainless steel for the hood and 16GA steel for the “esthetic” front pieces. Challenge number 1 was finding somewhere in the Houston area that carried 304 stainless in sheets. The frame has a modular design that bolts to the building and to itself to support the six 80-90 lb. sheets of stainless that form the hood. The entire frame was put up in about four person-days. But then late Saturday afternoon we realized we needed a lift to pick up the 80-90 pound sheets and place them on the frame so we could screw them in place. We found one and have it rented until Monday morning. So now I am watching from the office window while the guys are playing with the buttons trying to operate their new toy safely. It is 2:30 pm and there are five sheets of stainless to install. The rented lift must be returned by 9 am on Monday. Do you think we will make it? Or will they exhaust themselves trying to get the machinery to function? Keep an eye out for pictures to accompany this story! Wish us luck!

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