enriching, values

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression is the tagline for our business, Three Dimensional Visions. So you might think, what’s involved with that, what does that mean?

New experiences are one thing – like providing people with the ability to work with hot glass. Gaining new creative ideas or perspectives is another. That’s why we are collaborating with other artists like renowned kiln worker Miguel C. Unson (2014). It’s the blending of styles, ideas, and subjects that help create new expressions of creativity.

And, that’s why we are hosting art exhibitions in our indoor/outdoor gallery space. Giving new interpretations in a fertile environment helps their growth. Our first Call-for-Art was announced for our 1st Annual Winter Solstice Exhibition (2014). You can register and submit your entries online via our website. Meld your expressions with ours and gain new perspectives. We are excited to see what emerges. Be a part of something new!

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