What a year we have had! Thank you to all our customers for your participation. We hope that through our efforts with you, we have helped to enrich your lives. We know that you have enriched ours!.

Sharing Enthusiasm

It is such a joy to watch as someone experiences glass, whether it is for the first time or the millionth. Hot glass is such a magical medium it reaches out and grabs you, and for some of us becomes an addiction. We love to design, explore, and create new forms as we go through this adventure. This year we have been lucky enough to touch so many people with demos to school children and seniors groups, with events for social clubs and corporations, with our one-on-one experiences, six-week classes, workshops, and our glass camp. We love having you all in the studio.

Year in Review

2015 was another year of expansion and learning for us. We completed our combustion hood and installed a third glory hole. Our cold working shop is now fully functional. We changed our storage room into a design library to work with customers on commission ideas. We started working on our studio glass line for potential retail sales. And are developing the capabilities to ship from the studio. We had two visiting glassmakers with us for multiple visits during the year. And we were lucky enough to double the size of our glass blowing team. We finished up the year by installing a sign in front of our building. We hope that this will help people recognize what we do, who we are, and what we offer. So, thank you!

Looking Forward

We hope that we will continue this fantastic growth, but the focus will be more towards building skills and competencies than building facilities. In 2016 we will be offering glass blowing experiences every day that we are open. We are trying out a new booking system which will save us time, allowing more art and less administration. If you haven’t come out to see us in a while, take a look. We have changed in the hot shop. If you’ve never come to the studio, now is the time! Come on out and experience the magic of glass with us.

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