Let us help you celebrate the moments of your lives with custom designed glass!

Birthday Glass

Just provide the date(s) and we will make ornament(s) to match your birthstone.

Unity Glass

Pick your colors, combine them in the Unity Ceremony, and we will make a glass art piece that you help design.

Unity Glass

Remembrance Glass

Select your color and we will swirl it with dichroic glass and cremains for a 3-4 inch paperweight

Eternal Glass

Do you make Fused Tiles?

Would you like them blown into three dimensional forms?

RollUps or Plunger PickUps

Custom Designs are us!  We love to make glass art!  

We are not currently doing custom work, except for those listed above.  The reason? We haven’t blown in 11 months, so we need time to get our chops up.  Lack of practice is complicated by being short-staffed.  We hope to resume custom work in the future.

Have an idea but don’t want to make it yourself? We do custom designs for Blown and Kiln-Formed glass. 

We love making glass and the challenge of making your dreams into reality! Your custom-designed glass piece should be just what you want, so the process takes some effort.

Custom orders for specialty glass might start with a phone call or an email (see below). But to assess whether this is something we can successfully make for you: an image or drawing of the form of interest is needed. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! If any hardware connects the glass to anything else, we need to know all about that.

Please also include the desired dimensions of the form(s), including height, depth, and width. Some art forms might be too tall or wide to make without additional assistance, including another glassmaker or a blow mold. If that’s the case, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you. It just means a little more time and money.

Once we have an idea of the form you want and think we can accomplish it, we will provide a scoping cost for your custom design. Remember, everything is handmade, so don’t expect prices to be as low as something you would buy straight off the shelf! The scoping cost will change after we understand all the details of the piece. So the next step is to set up a Design Meeting.

Design Meeting

Objective: align client and artist to the same goals
Time: ~1 hour at our Tomball Studio, appointment required
Design Fee: $100
Please, no more than two people.  We follow local Public Health Safety Protocols.

  • Discuss and agree on the details of the form: dimensions, openings, attachments, and color(s).
  • If the glass attaches to anything and you already have the hardware, bring it in with you.  We must have the hardware at this meeting, or we cannot proceed.
  • Unusual or large forms may need prototyping. There is a minimum charge of $100 for each form prototype.
  • Every glass color manufacturer has its own set of colors. We might use seven different blues in our studio, so you need to pick out the exact color you desire. IIt’sbeneficial to bring in the color palette and a photo for the room or area where you want to install your piece. Our experience with blown colors might influence your decision.  If we mix a color for you or use multiple colors, a prototype of the color will be required.  The minimum fee for this is $100.
  • We will provide an online invoice for the design fee & prototyping fee after the meeting.


  • Form and color prototyping is actual work done in the studio to make sure we make the custom-designed glass piece to your specifications.
  • Prototype Meeting (We follow local Public Health Protocol.)
    Objective:  approve prototypes
    Time:  30 minutes, at our Tomball Studio, appointment required.
    Please, no more than two people, review prototypes for form & color.  Decide on the path forward.   Any additional prototypes will require similar fees and processes.  If prototypes are approved, we will formulate an estimate of cost and time to send to you via an online contract.

Commission Contract

The contract includes the final cost estimate and the delivery date estimate for your custom design. Work on your commission will not begin until the signed contract is received once we have that, we will send an online invoice for the 50% deposit.

Before starting yours, we will finish any previously committed projects and give a good faith estimate of your custom order’s estimated start and delivery dates. After receipt of the deposit, it will take approximately 4-6 weeks to make your piece.

Our glass artists will begin work on your custom order as soon as possible. We will contact you if we find that any variance needs to occur for functionality or other reasons.

We will photograph the completed piece. We will send the photograph and an online invoice to you. Once the final payment is received, you can pick up your custom glass at our studio.

Form and color prototyping is actual work done in the studio to make sure we make the piece to your specifications.

It’s easy to be unique when you are one of a kind.

Do you have an idea?  Can we help you with it?  Express yourself in glass!  How can we make your dreams become a reality?  Glass is a process-oriented art, and we have a process for custom designs.

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  • Please let us know your idea for the custom glass design you're interested in.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 96 MB.

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