How to make a blown glass cup, cups

We love to make cups, and we love to sell them! Making cups is an excellent way to learn to control your heat and glass.   Examples of cup forms and sets that we have for sale in the studio can be found in our online shop.  


A cylinder, or a cup, is one of the six basic forms of blown glass that we teach in our studio.  It is the final form for our first six-week session, Introduction to GlassBlowing.  For those who want to experience making a cup form, we offer our Cocktail Hour Workshop. In the Cocktail Hour Workshop, 1-2 people can make two cups (whiskey, tumbler, beer mug, or stemless wine glass).


Practicing and getting good at making cups teaches you how to control heat, how to keep your bubble centered, how to blow thinner, how to use your tools and a myriad of other things.  So the more you practice, the better your skills become.  Once you have mastered the cup, making other forms in the glass studio will become easier and easier.

How to make cups

Every form you make in blown glass begins with a gather evenly placed on the very end of your blowpipe.  You cool the pipe down, keeping the gather centered, and then you put a little puff of air in the pipe.  Your breath travels down the pipe, expanding as it goes, till it reaches the material with the least resistance, the hot glass.  Once the bubble gets to the glass, it starts expanding and magically gets larger.   You can then start to stretch the bubble and proceed with shaping it.  Here’s a basic description of making cups that we use to teach within our studio. 

How to make a blown glass cup
Introduction to GlassBlowing – How to make a Cup

Boyd Sugiki is a renowned glassmaker and has an excellent instruction program. Please refer to his tumbler tutorials Part 1 and 2 for an in-depth description. 

We invite you to come and be a part of the fun!  Buy a glass!  Make a glass! Learn to Blow Glass!  Experience the magic!

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