cup, cylinder

Hmmm, a glass cup is just a glass, or is it?  Think about it.  A cup is just a cylinder with one end closed.  Its only function is to hold liquid, that’s all.  But is that all it does?

A Cup is a Glassblowing Form.

A cylinder is one of the six basic forms that you learn about to blow glass.  In our classes, at the end of the Introduction to Glassblowing, you make a cylinder or a glass cup,  you might make one with a handle, and you might make one 7″ tall.  So a cup is not just something to drink from; it is a form that a glassmaker learns.  From these basic forms, you can make other forms.

When you haven’t been blowing for a while, glass is one of the go-to forms everyone strives to make again.  Making a glass cup requires you to focus on details, have patience, and do many things well.  You must take a nice even gather, manage your heat, blow a bubble, keep it on center, and then use your paddle to flatten its bottom. Then, of course, you have to transfer from the blowpipe to the punty and then gently tap it or cut it off.  If you can make glasses well, you can do lots of things with glass.

Glass Cups make Life Better.

A glass cup is non-porous, reusable, and more.  Using a glass container is a sign of good taste.  Really, which beverage would taste better in a paper cup than a glass container?  Would you choose a styrofoam cup over a glass cup for your cold mild, a mixed drink, or a latte?  Finding just the right glass for your favorite drink is something we all want.  You could come and make one with us, pick out your form, help apply the color, maybe do something interesting with that color design.  If that sounds good, you can sign up for our Cocktail Hour Experience.

A Glass Cup is Eco Friendly.

Besides, you care about the environment, don’t you?  Yeah, you know what does into a “landfill.” It’ isn’t land that fills it up.  The landfill is full of things like paper, plastic, and styrofoam.  To conserve resources, save the planet, enjoy the better taste and save money in the long term.

What could be better than to buy a glass of Glass today and enjoy?  Why not shop online and pick one out?

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