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Wow! 2022 is here! Let’s raise a glass, set new business goals or personal resolutions, and start from scratch. Yeah, that’s the routine, but how often have you failed to reach your goals or live by your pledges? Unfortunately, my answer is most of the time. We always start with good intentions, and then time passes, life gets in the way, and things change.

Don’t get me wrong, goals and resolutions are great; but you, me, and everyone else have been through a lot since 2020. Maybe we should take a different approach. Perhaps, perhaps we should focus on personnel growth and not so much on goals.

No, I am not advocating that we give up on everything and consume as much of the New Year’s leftovers as possible. Although, that does sound yummy. Instead, maybe seeking out new experiences, new exciting, and just as gratifying things that do not require you to deny anything from yourself. These new experiences might be filling your need to have goals, be more pleasurable, and easier to obtain.

People sometimes answer that they cannot do that. They are not creative. It is not true; we all possess creativity; sometimes, we need to stimulate it to make it grow. Creativity allows us to open our minds and solve problems. A society that has lost touch with its creativity can become imprisoned. Lack of creativity can lead us to be close-minded; being more creative can broaden our prospectives. 

Maybe, watching a rigid liquid material be collected and expand and move like a living material might be something that will get your juices flowing. Or better yet, how about using your own hands to shape that material into something you’ll take with you and remember for years to come? And then, you can say with pride, “I made that.” What a way to start the new year. 

Make 2022 the year of your growth. The year that You experience and grow your imagination and creativity! 

Making glass with us can help you realize your potential, channel your energies, observe closely, practice being in the moment, and explore your passions. What could be a better way to start any day? Let’s raise our imaginations and our future together. 

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