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Three Dimensional Visions | GlassBlowingHouston

CREATE Glass and Experience the Magic!

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Glassblowing Demos

Not interested in making glass, but do you want to be “Blown Away” watching a medium-large glass piece being made live?  Then our group demo is perfect for you.    We narrate the event and answer questions on the fly.  We can also sell the piece being made to you all in the audience!
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Studio Rental

Are you an experienced glassblower, kiln worker, or cold worker?  You can rent studio time with us in the Hot Shop, Warm Shop, or the Coldworking Studio. Can’t work alone, or don’t like to?  Book your time with an assistant.  Need private lessons or consultations, that is available also.

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Glassblowing Experiences

Glassblowing Demos & Events (>5 people)

Glassblowing Classes – Learn to Blow

Kiln-Forming Projects – Thursday Night Fun Night

Kiln-Forming Classes – Learn to Fuse

Kilnforming classes