We love to help you Celebrate the Moments of your Life with Glass!

There are several options for us to help you with this. You can hold an event with us where everyone can make a piece of glass and have an experience they will remember for a lifetime. You can celebrate the occasion by having us create a piece of glass that will memorialize the moment. We offer glass to celebrate the full cycle of life, from birthday glass to wedding glass to remembrance glass.

Birthday glass 

We can make a special ornament to adorn your tree to celebrate a new birth or just the birthday of someone you love. We offer these in unique teardrop shapes and in colors that resemble birthstones for each particular birthdate.  

Unity glass

If you are having a Unity ceremony as part of your wedding, we can help you! Instead of the lighting of a single candle, you can select colored glass crystals to pour together during the service, and then you can help design a piece that we will make for you to celebrate the moment.

Remembrance glass

Sometimes when we lose someone, we love and want to memorialize them with a piece of art. We can take a small number of their ashes to incorporate into a 3-4 inch paperweight that will bring a smile to your face when you see it.

So wherever you are in life, we hope we can provide memories that will last a lifetime!  

Stay safe and have fun!

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression.

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