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Celebrate life with us because there is nothing better than to get together with friends and family to celebrate something special or just the joy of living. Sometimes we get caught up in the merry-go-round of life, and we forget to take time out to just pause.


After 35 years in corporate America, you would think that I would have learned the value of a break! I always took my vacations and loved them. They allowed me to come back rejuvenated and eager to go again. However….

I have always been a type-A personality, always eager to get the job done well and early. I never thought too much about what would happen when I retired. I suppose I always thought I would be in the mountains somewhere skiing, communing with nature, and doing yoga. But then came this, “I have a dream. Let’s build a glass blowing studio!”

I retired on Good Friday of 2013, and until a few days at the beach last week, we have been going full steam ahead working on our studio and growing the business. Yes, I did take some time off when we moved Mom to Houston when she passed and then, of course, to pack up and settle her estate in Georgia. But that really wasn’t time off. We took a trip to  Corning and the annual Glass Art Society Conference and attended a Cold Construction workshop, but that was training, not a vacation. So now, we are trying to find a way to schedule some downtime while still growing our business.

Host Your Event with Us

One of the things that we do which helps us find balance and feel great about ourselves and our studio is hosting events. The enthusiasm and the excitement that oozes out from our customers when they experience the magic of glass is intoxicating. Then when you are part of a group experience, it is even more exciting. The smile on people’s faces and the giggly attitude almost takes our breath away.

So please help us in our journey to enrich lives through artistic self-expression. Please help us find balance without the cost of an expensive vacation. Take a mini-vacation with us. Book your next Life celebration at our studio! Host your next event with us! Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, bachelorette party, social club, school field trip, or corporate team-building, we can bring a smile to your face and hopefully joy to your heart and ours. Give us a call and schedule your event with us.  It will be a mini-vacation for all of our hearts.

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression.

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