Evolution of this Creative Act

Creative Act, Panels, Cathedral, Tiles

  My life is so full. I feel like I am in a leaf pile filled with ideas. The beautiful colors surround me, the forms bubble inside me, and the textures overwhelm my visions. The opulence of the concepts keeps me going each day, all day. Creativity

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Creative Process Observation

creative process

I was straightening and cleaning up the showroom at the studio today. It is a tedious but necessary chore with absolutely no glamour to it. The most exciting thing about it is keeping a running estimate of how many granddaddy long leg spiders I have vacuumed up so far. (By

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Summer Fireworks & Fusing Fun

Summertime is full of great memories. I grew up along a tidal estuary and summer was filled with crabbing & shrimping, sailing, and swinging across the marsh on a tire swing. We also caught bullfrogs and sold them to the neighbors to make frog legs. I remember mud between my

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Super Bowls – now and the future

We make “super bowls” year-round, and there is never an off-season! So let the games begin and join us in making your bowl. We call it a Jumbo glassblowing experience, and there are slots every Saturday, so why not start your bowl tradition. Remember our experiences come in

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