Outdoor Art Market

outdoor art market, tennis court, gathering place

When we purchased this property, one of our dreams was to make it into an Art Glass Campus, including outdoor art markets.  We have made significant progress but have not opened everything to the public as we initially dreamed. That idea has morphed since the hours in

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New growth!

New Growth

Ah, Spring! There is new growth – flowers are beginning to bloom, the birds are singing sweetly, and the breeze is blowing. Life is renewing itself as the new green foliage appears. And so are we. I have just completed an intermediate and advanced fusing workshop, and

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To Boldly Go…almost

We are Star Trek enthusiasts! When our son Patrick was growing up, we stayed home on Friday nights and watched the Voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise. When he was about three years old, he would be sitting on the couch, legs kicking up and down while he recited…”Space,

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Zen and the Art of Glassblowing

I was wondering why I have such a fascination with glass and glass blowing. Why I need to be in the studio every day? After pondering this for some time, I came to realize that working with glass is a lot like dealing with life. Think about it, when

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Are you missing your connections?

In our 90 miles an hour existence, it is easy to get disconnected. It is so easy to “let go” of our selves by merely clicking a button, connecting with social media, television, music, whatever..hitting the remote to create an insulating bubble around our “selves.” Then we move forward;

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The Death of Beauty

Today we learned that our feral chicken, Beauty, was killed by a cat. Not a fun way to start the day, but it is, after all, Friday the 13th! Beauty had become an integral part of our lives.  Clucking and pecking at the ground, squawking at the

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