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CREATE Glass and Experience the Magic through our Watch & Learn Experiences!


Our Furnace is Down!  No glassblowing until it is rebuilt! ~ September 2021
Shopping available!

We have put in additional safety protocols to protect all of us!

  • Please use our hand sanitizer before entering the building.
  • Face coverings and social distancing with our employees are required.  Our glassmakers will not always be wearing face coverings as they have to blow on our pipes to make the glass.
  • We are sanitizing the pipes and our hands on a regular basis.
  • Medical authorities indicate that most infection spread is through respiratory droplets, this is why social distancing is so important.
  • Finally, we have changed our format for experiences…. to Watch & Learn!
Looking to be blown away?  Bring yourself or a small group of up to four people to our Watch & Learn sessions.  Only one slot is available per hour. This watch & learn format allows you to observe the creation of a glass piece and interact with the team through active discussion.
You can Book Now or at your convenience. Please read through the overview and terms before making your reservation. You are purchasing an experience, but the art you create is yours.
Currently, we are not holding events for larger groups.  But if you want to be prepared for when we open back up, then check out our offerings.  Glass has to cool slowly so your piece will not be ready until our next business day at noon.