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There is nothing more exciting for us than having someone see glassblowing for the first time up close and personal. Typically there is this massive smile on their face and sparkle in their eye. Their heart is pounding so hard, and you can almost hear it. That is why we call our first-time adventures with glass Experiences. We offer a variety of Experiences that someone can do once or twenty times. The customer uses our online booking system to decide what to make and when to make it. There are a couple of individual experiences, but we have two people involved most of the time, and we make two pieces, so each person gets a choice. After all, glassblowing is naturally a team effort, and sometimes it takes two or an entire village to make one piece!  There is always the ability to reserve adjacent time slots so more than four people can participate. If those are available, it is a great way to have fun together. If you need help finding them or you need more than three slots, give us a call.

In an Experience, you get to pick out your forms and make any decisions for that form. We have over 100 colors, so you get to pick two of these for your piece. Sometimes this is the most challenging part and can take the most extended amount of time. You will get to help apply the color and then assist in blowing and shaping the piece as much as health protocols will allow. Your experienced guide, known in glass terms as the gaffer, will share exciting factoids with you. So enjoy the learning too!

Glass must cool slowly in the annealer, a specialty kiln that will keep them warm till the end of the day (set at about 940 degrees F). After that, they will be taken down slowly to their strain point, about another 100 degrees lower until they equilibrate and then down 40 degrees /hour until ambient. So your piece won’t be ready to take home until about noon on our next business day.
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An Event in the hot shop is when you have more than five people. For Events, there are lots of options. You can choose what forms the group will make, and then, everyone will get to choose their individualized colors. Each person can make a piece of glass. Another option is we could make the glass ahead of time, and then the group could watch a medium-large piece being created live. If you choose to purchase it, the piece being made could belong to the group or an individual. Another option is to have everyone participate in making one piece that will go to one individual. The possibilities are pretty limitless. Call us, and we will help make your event meet your needs!
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Want to learn to blow glass? Want to start back after a lengthy hiatus? Then take one of our Six-Week Glassblowing Class Sessions. We love teaching, sharing our knowledge, and enthusiasm for glass as the material of choice. We use a systemic approach to teach glassblowing in a series of three progressive six-week classes. Classes in our six-week sessions meet one time a week for three hours for six weeks. If you miss a class, it is best to make it up before the next one so that you can stay on track (we allow one free make-up per six-week session). Each class and course builds on the previous one. The six-week sessions require a minimum of two students. Four students are the maximum per instructor. So, there is plenty of one-on-one time. If you have limited experience, you begin with the foundation course, Introduction to Beginning Glassblowing. If you are uncertain of your placement, we provide a skills test, and the results determine the appropriate level. After you complete the first six-week session, if you feel you are ready (and we agree), you can begin to rent time in the studio to practice and build on what you have learned.
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Watch & Learn

The Watch & Learn category was an adjustment to our service category during the covid pandemic.  It allows for social distancing and other health safety protocols while allowing our customers to experience the magic of glass in a small group (no more than four people).  Currently, we have only one service under this category, but any of our services can be done in this manner if desired.  It’s like a personalized demo for a small group, except for the piece(s) created are yours as part of the price.

garden, birds, fish, spears, floats
Garden Party Watch & Learn1-4 people2 pieces1 hour$150

In our Garden Party Watch & Learn, you select two forms (fish, water float, small garden spear, or a bird) and up to three colors for your pieces which will be created right before your eyes.  The fish will be a hot assemblage while the spear is a pull and twist.  The beauty of the water float will be the manipulation of the colors.  The bird is all about the details.


Not interested in making glass, but you want to be “Blown Away” watching a medium-large glass piece being made live?  Then our group demo is perfect for you.    We narrate the event and answer questions on the fly.  We can also sell the piece being made to you all in the audience!
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Studio Rental

Are you an experienced glassblower or cold worker?  You can rent studio time with us in the Hot Shop or the Coldworking Studio.  Can’t work alone, or don’t like to?  Book your time with an assistant.


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Booking Notes

Make a Something ExperienceThis is a group workshop that you can sign up for individually.  Each person adds 30 minutes.  The experience will last from 30 minutes – 2 hours, depending on the number of people.
Watch & Learn  No hands-on.
Learn to Blow Classes  Meet for six weeks.  The first date only is shown.
Make a Something Event – Duration is showing the number of people.  Time is added to the reservation based on the number of people making something.
Narrated Demo & Studio Tour  – $150 to reserve spot covers 10 attendees.  Additional observers are $15/person, paid the day of the event.