We offer various experiences where you work one-on-one with a glassmaker ( gaffer) to make the form you select.  We typically offer additional items during holidays, so be sure to check them out.

If an hour or so is not enough for you, feel free to pick several options out and find a day where you can link them all together!


Make a Wavy Bowl or Vase Experience

1-2 people1 piece1 hour$250

Be engulfed in the magic of glass at a larger scale.   This watch & learn experience is for one piece with up to four observers.  Design your piece by selecting your form and the colors (3/form) and watch while your piece is being made.    What a great gift for yourself or someone you care about.  Be blown away and anticipate the excitement of the Wavy Bowl as it spins out, or Make a Vase to hold the flowers from your yard or perhaps give to someone who makes your heart bloom!  60 minute maximum on Wavy Bowl &  the Vase.

candy dish, stemless wine glass, wine & chocolates

Wine & Chocolate Experience

1-2 people2 pieces1 hour$150

Make something that will bring sweet memories for years to come! Choose from a candy dish or a stemless wine glass for your  “sweetie”  or perhaps even for yourself.  You choose & apply the color (2/form) and assist in the process while an experienced glassmaker facilitates making the piece.

stemless wine, mug, whiskey

Cocktail Hour Workshop

1-2 people2 pieces1 hour$150

Make that extraordinary glass for your favorite beverage: whiskey glasses, beer mug, or stemless wine glass. Each person gets to pick their form and colors (two/form). Participants will help apply the color and blow/shape the piece.    (These are individual glasses, not a matched set.)

fruit, apple, pear, cherry

Fresh Experience

1-2 people2 pieces1 hour$200

Try something fresh!  Design your apple with three colors (apple, stem, and leave) and make it just perfect for your favorite teacher! Apple will be blown and hot constructed in the studio by two glassmakers.

Not into apples?  Life is a bowl of cherries, so why not get one made for you?  We can also make pears & strawberries.

Want to spice it up a little?  How about a jalapeno, bell pepper, or chili pepper?

garden, birds, fish, spears, floats

Garden Party Experience

1-2 people2 pieces1 hour$150

During the Garden Party, you select two forms (fish, water float, small garden spear, or a bird) and up to two colors for your pieces which one of our gaffers will be created right before your eyes.  The fish will be a hot assemblage while the spear is a pull and twist.  The beauty of the water float will be the manipulation of the colors.  The bird is all about the details.

Hearts, Flowers

Hearts & Flowers Experience

1-2 people2 forms1 hour$150

These workshops are designed for 1-2 people.. Bring your sweetie, your family, or friends and make glass hearts or flowers! Pick your colors and then shape your heart or flower with basic sculptural skills under the tutelage of one of our experienced glassmakers.

giving thanks, pumpkins, gourds, pumpkin patch, fall

Gourd-geous Experience

1-2 people2 pieces1 hour$150

Our glass pumpkins never spoil. Come with your family or friends (1-2 people) and make your unique pumpkin. You can each pick your form & colors (maximum of 2 colors/form) and help apply the color and shape or blow the piece.


Make a Something Experience

1 person1 piece30 minutes$75/ea

Have a hands-on group experience with our studio glassmakers!  Participants individually work with our experienced glassmaker to learn about the magic of glass and have a memorable time.  Each person will select their form and colors (two), add color to the glass and help blow/shape the glass while creating your own art piece.  This is offered once on Sundays for one individual.

Terms & Conditions for Glassmaking

  • Reservations are required, and we try to stay on time. Everyone who makes glass must arrive 15 minutes early for their safety orientation and color selection.
  • Your safety and ours are essential to us, so everyone who makes glass must read our Safety Policy and sign our online Safety Waiver Before coming to the studio.
  • We will adhere to Harris County Public Health guidelines. Face coverings, social distancing, and hand sanitization will be required based on local Public Health policy.
  • Glassmakers appreciate tipping.
  • No Refund Policy:
      • You can make adjustments to your reservations up to 72 hours in advance.
      • If you do not arrive 15 minutes before your reservation, you may lose your time slot or the ability to make all of the pieces.
      • You can reschedule or receive studio credit if the studio has to cancel your event due to issues beyond our control.
      • The minimum age requirement for glass making is eight years old.
  • Pieces are typically ready for pick up in 24-48 hrs. Please pick up your art within 30 days of your event.