Book Classes Now to Learn to Make Glass

You can learn to create glass yourself in our progressive series of glassblowing or kiln-formed glass classes. You can work on particular skills with an experienced maker in either venue (Skill Building or Kiln-Forming Consultation).

Are you interested in learning to blow glass?

This is where you start!  We offer a series of group classes (maximum of 4 students/instructor) that are progressive in nature.  You build on each of the competencies you learn as you go.  After successfully finishing the Intro to Glassblowing Class, you can get approval to rent time and practice your craft.  If there are skills that you need to work on, you can book some one-on-one time with one of our gaffers to improve them.  This is your personal time, but your glassmaking buddy can attend with you (for the same price).

If you have experience blowing and want to rent time, please call to schedule a competency check.  Once you have been checked out and approved, you can book time at your own convenience.

Intro to Glassblowing, glassblowing classes, learn to blow class

Intro to Beginning Glassblowing – Glassblowing I

2-4 people3 hours1 person for 6 weeks$700

Come learn about the magic of hot glass! Come alone or sign up with some friends for this six-week series of learning to blow glass. The class always begins with safety and studio protocol. We will provide you with references and critical internet links to enhance our teaching and your learning.

You will learn how to gather from the furnace, mount the bench, and use the tools! Then you will learn to shape your glass and blow a bubble. There’s an art to each one of these skills.

To blow glass well takes a lot of practice, building muscle memory, and getting used to the studio environment. You will learn about equipment, working temperatures, and how glass must cool slowly.

You will be learning the fundamental skills that you will use whenever you blow glass for the rest of your life! You will do some simple projects in clear glass, which may include a caterpillar, ornament, implosion bowl, cup, a cup with a handle, and perhaps a 7-inch cylinder. What you end up with is your creation, not something made by the instructor. 

Class meets once/week for three hours.  Minimum of two students needed.

Focus on Forms, learn to blow class

Focus on Forms – Glassblowing II

2-4 people3 hours1 person for 6 weeks$700

During this six-week session, you will build on what you have learned in the Intro class. During the initial six-week session, you learned how to make the first of the six primary glassblowing forms, the cylinder. This session focuses on learning how to make the other five fundamental glass blowing forms.

You will start learning how to assist others and work together as a team. Both the Intro and Focus on Forms classes use clear glass only. That way, you are learning skills without the influence and complication of color.  

Instructor approval is required.  Class meets once/week for three hours.  Minimum of two students needed.

Focus on Color, learn to blow class

Focus on Color – Glassblowing III

2-4 people3 hours1 person for 6 weeks$850

Focus on Color is the third and final six-week session in our progressive series. You must have attended our first two six-week classes (Intro to Glass Blowing and Focus on Forms) or have the instructor’s approval. The expectation is that you have experience gathering from the furnace, making a punty, working as both a gaffer and an assistant and that you can successfully make the six primary forms.

This class session has a focus on the application of color. It starts with applying colored frit and learning how to transition from one color to another, twist the color and apply one color as a backing. It moves on to the use of color bars and the application of color in an overlay. During the last two classes, there will be demonstrations (only) of cane & murrini making and incorporating them in a piece.

Instructor approval required.  Class meets once/week for three hours.  Minimum of two students needed.

Skill builder, gather, glass making reservations

Skill Building Class

1-2 people1 hour$100

Glassblowing experience required. You may sign up if you are one of our renters, who have already undergone a competency test, or you are currently enrolled or have previously taken at least one of our Six Week Session Glassblowing classes.

Define what skill you would like to work on and sign up for the time. You may not make a piece, but you certainly will get practice. We will work with a maximum of two people in this one-hour class. You can sign up for multiple hours if needed. 

Intro to Glassblowing, glassblowing classes, learn to blow class

Glassblowing Intensive

4-8 people4 hours1 wk$700

On occasion (Spring Break, Winter Break, or early Summer) we will offer a four-day intensive Introduction to Beginning Glassblowing. This covers the same material as the six-week session by the same name.  

Learning Kiln-Forming

The kiln-forming classes at Three Dimensional Visions are strong on theory to help build an understanding of what is happening to the glass as it transforms in the kiln.  They are supported by examples and by demonstrations in both the warm glass and hot glass studio.  The hot glass demos are illustrative of concepts being learned about glass.

Ever wonder what the difference is between kiln-forming and warm glass? Between fusing and kiln casting? What temperatures do these all take place in? Take the Foundations of Kiln-Forming at Three Dimensional Visions and find out!

Safety:  Please bring your own personal safety gear (N95 mask), safety glasses, or prescription eyeglasses  (We can allow the use of ours if necessary.)
Food:  Bring your own as desired.
Materials: Sketchbook/notebook & writing utensil
Supplies:  Included
Classes and project workshops are limited to a total of 6 attendees.

Participants will make at least four projects in Kiln-Forming I, at least four different elements to create visual textures in Kiln-Forming II.  In the third workshop, participants will demonstrate their learnings by designing two to four pieces with the parts they have made. 

We use COE 96, so if you have experience kiln-forming and want to bring your own design elements or favorite glass to Kiln-Forming III, please make sure it is COE96.

Most kiln firing will be completed post-class due to limited kiln space.  Firing schedules are included. Your final pieces will not be available until one week post-class time.  Shipping is available at your expense.

Foundations, workshop, Kiln-Forming, classes

I.  Foundations in Kiln-Forming

6 person maximum8 hours/daySat & Sun$425

Learn the basics of working safely with glass in the warm glass studio. – an introduction to fusing, slumping, and kiln casting, as well as cold working. 
What is kiln forming?  What is a warm glass studio? What is slumping?  What is kiln casting?

Why?  Being creative is fun.  It relieves the tension of your everyday life.  Every one of us can do it.  Foundation is important.  My Dad wore a large size shoe, and he always told me a church needs a good foundation.  I think that applies to everything in life.  If we learn the basics, then we can progressively build on them.

visual textures, kiln-forming classes,

II.  Creating Tactile & Visual Textures in Kiln-Forming

6 person maximum8 hours/daySat & Sun$450

What do you want to make?  What do you want it to look like?  What parts do you need?  Do you want to create actual physical texture or just visual texture?  This is all about making design elements for your pieces.  Learn how to create tactile and visual textures for your glass forms. 

As a geologist, I love making strata and deforming them.  One of the ways to do that is in pattern bars (Reflections on Glass, Cross-Over Series& Studio Life – Shape Shifters).  Raised dots can mimic lots of things in nature.  Screen or pot melts allow the glass to flow from one level to another, just like magma from a volcano.

Stringers or noodles can be purchased online or from your local glass store.  They can also be made in the hot shop or in a warm glass studio using a vitrograph.

Murrini can be made in molds in the warm glass studio or in the hot shop – we might have a demo showing this in action!

We can change the design of a piece by getting it hot and combing it in the warm glass studio or raking it in the hot shop. There are lots of things to learn, observe, and experiment with.

putting it all together, cross-over

III.  Let your Creativity Flow – Putting it All Together Kiln-Forming Class

6 person maximum8 hours/daySat & Sun$400

Combine what you have learned in our Foundations, Creating Tactile & Visual Textures, and perhaps even Experimenting with Kiln-forming Projects to design and make new pieces with the parts you have created.  Bring your favorite parts to form two stunning pieces, which will be fused and/or slumped as needed.  You can spend your time creating a new part or parts to complete the set you already have.

This is also an opportunity to cold work any parts that might need a little extra love to shape or polish them.   Perhaps you will work with stencil and powder if you haven’t done that yet to create another part.

Terms & Conditions for Glassmaking

  • Reservations are required, and we try to stay on time. Everyone who makes glass must arrive 15 minutes early for their safety orientation and color selection.
  • Your safety and ours are essential to us, so everyone who makes glass must read our Safety Policy and sign our online Safety Waiver Before coming to the studio.
  • We will adhere to Harris County Public Health safety precautions. Face coverings, social distancing, and hand sanitization will be required based on local Public Health policy.
  • Glassmakers appreciate tipping.
  • No Refund Policy:
      • You can make adjustments to your reservations up to 72 hours in advance.
      • If you do not arrive 15 minutes before your reservation, you may lose your time slot or the ability to make all of the pieces.
      • You can reschedule or receive studio credit if the studio has to cancel your event due to issues beyond our control.
      • The minimum age requirement for glass making is eight years old.
  • Pieces are typically ready for pick up in 24-48 hrs. Please pick up your art within 30 days of your event.