We want to extend our glass community to include you.  It’s all about having a set of common attitudes, interests or goals.  Do you share some of our values?  Do you get “blown away” watching glass blowing?  Do you or would you like to collect glass art?  Are you enthusiastic about the craft of glass making?  Do you enjoy being around people who make art for a living?  If you answer yes to any of those questions then you are part of our community.

We try to share our knowledge and enthusiasm of glass with you in every interaction we have.  Whether it is a call on the phone, a visit to the gallery, or an experience making glass in the studio.  We want you to go away feeling that you are better off than when you arrived.  Whether it is the smile on your face after an experience or that you learned some little bit of information through our discussion.  We know that we are constantly learning from you!

Achieving enrichment together is our goal.  Therefore we are developing ways that we can better share with you.  We have our Beyond Glass Blog where we write about glass, glassblowing, glass art, about us, and community.  We have our Knowledge Base where we will post processes and frequently asked questions.  We do this because we want to spend more time with you.  We have always created videos, that we are expanding into livestreams to show you more what it is like to fabricate, create, change the shape of glass, and work it in the hot shop.  And we have visible reviews so that you can tell us how we are doing and possibly all of these efforts will entice others to join in on the fun.  

Life is more than just doing the ordinary.  Life is about experiencing something new, learning about it, maybe even learning how to do it.  It’s about supporting others in their efforts while they support you.