Gather of Glass

gather of glass, glassblowing

Come learn how to gather glass in our six-week session, Introduction to Glass Blowing. You can book these classes and our experiences online. For a video of the process, check out this Corning Museum of Glass Video. Warm the Pipe before the gather Select a blowpipe or

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Group Events

Group Events Host Events

Why not host your next group event with us?  We love sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for glass with others.  Making glass requires knowing your job and having the experience and wisdom to act quickly when the unexpected happens. Bring your group to watch our teamwork, and

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Glass Opportunities Abound!

glass, Opportunities Abound Glass Art Create Glass Host Events Custom Glass

Three Dimensional Visions offers you an experience of a lifetime! You get to see glass in its liquid state. You get to see it poured like honey, blown up like a balloon and then manipulated like silly putty. While you watch or participate, you will be intrigued,

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Creativity…where does it come from?

Creativity, Glass

Creativity is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it isn’t. It’s erratic, nonlinear, and unreliable. It defies logic and often endorses the opposite. As an artist, one must jump from the right side of the brain to the left side and back again, all day long. To create something

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Glassblowing, Childhood & Imagination

imagination, Creativity & Childhood

Remember when you were a kid?  Imagination was everything!  You never thought about creativity. As a child, your imagination flows; it was uncontrolled by the laws of nature or science.  Your imagination emerged!  The world was yours to do anything with: a paper grocery bag was a spacesuit helmet,

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Creative Process Observation

creative process

I was straightening and cleaning up the showroom at the studio today. It is a tedious but necessary chore with absolutely no glamour to it. The most exciting thing about it is keeping a running estimate of how many granddaddy long leg spiders I have vacuumed up so far. (By

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Giving Birth @ The Hot Shop

birth, Birth of an Idea

I was thinking about life here at the Hot Shop.  You know, glass blowing, teaching others and boldly going where I’ve not gone before.  Just the usual stuff.  Anyway, it reminded me of a line from a Bob Dylan song.  It went like this “Man not busy

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