Glass Cups for All

cup, cylinder

Hmmm, a glass cup is just a glass, or is it?  Think about it.  A cup is just a cylinder with one end closed.  Its only function is to hold liquid, that’s all.  But is that all it does? A Cup is a Glassblowing Form. A cylinder

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Evolution of this Creative Act

Creative Act, Panels, Cathedral, Tiles

  My life is so full. I feel like I am in a leaf pile filled with ideas. The beautiful colors surround me, the forms bubble inside me, and the textures overwhelm my visions. The opulence of the concepts keeps me going each day, all day. Creativity

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Outdoor Art Market

outdoor art market, tennis court, gathering place

When we purchased this property, one of our dreams was to make it into an Art Glass Campus, including outdoor art markets.  We have made significant progress but have not opened everything to the public as we initially dreamed. That idea has morphed since the hours in

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Value Mindset

Values, Mindset

I just finished a five-week online workshop, The Power of Conscious Marketing, put on by Sounds True. So that you know, this is not my first marketing course and it probably won’t be my last. There’s lots of learning yet to do.  Folks from all over the

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Disaster Loan Experiences

Disaster Loan

Disaster loans can help small businesses. Small businesses across the country are really hurting. And, of course, we are one of these.  The expenses continue, but our income is currently non-existent.   We want to be open for business. We think we are all Covid free. However,

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1st Saturday Glassblowing Demo

glassblowing demo

Experience our Glass Blowing Demonstration Are you “Blown Away” by the glass blowing on the Netflix series? Were you totally enthralled, or are you binge-watching to get ready for next season? Wouldn’t you love to go to the Corning Studio and play with fire? Do you realize

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Thank You!

thank you, thanks

Thanks for your support of the Arts in the greater Houston area!   When you donate to Three Dimensional Visions glassblowinghouston, you support the only open access glassblowing studio in the greater Houston area. You are also supporting a local, woman-owned small business! All monies collected through

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