Be Blown Away with us, Blown Glass Lighting

Are you “Blown Away” by the glassblowing on the Netflix series? Were you totally enthralled, or are you binge-watching?  Wouldn’t you love to go to the Corning Studio and play with fire?

Do you realize that you can come to your local hot shop and watch us blow glass live? Or that you can actively participate and use your breath to form your glass piece? (Our offerings include individual glass blowing experiences and small group workshops!) We put on our free narrated glassblowing show every 1st Saturday of the month; it’s open to the public. 

During this demo, we make a medium-sized piece and narrate the process. You can ask questions live, and we will answer them on the spot. It’s not on the internet, and it’s not television; it is LIVE! You can watch us play with breath, heat, and fire and see what gets created right there in front of you in our hot glass studio! In glass blowing, the journey truly is as exciting as the destination!

Patrick Brown with Eric Vargas (not shown) making a custom architectural lighting form.

Come on out anytime to informally watch glassblowing! On the 1st Saturday of the month, we hold our public demo from 3-5 pm. This free demo may educate and entertain individuals and small family groups, and we have seating available. 

Do you have a group of friends, family, or work colleagues that might be interested? Please make your reservation to have your next group event with us! We offer a range of options from Demos to hands-on Make a Something Events. Come on out and have the Experience of a Lifetime!

FYI – August is Beat the Heat Maintenance Month! We will be blowing again on September 1st!

Stay safe and have fun!

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression.

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