In our 90 miles an hour existence, it is easy to get disconnected. It is so easy to “let go” of our selves by merely clicking a button, connecting with social media, television, music, whatever..hitting the remote to create an insulating bubble around our “selves.” Then we move forward; we do our jobs, live our lives, make our art, without reality interfering. Sometimes we need to be on this autopilot, but then again we don’t. Do you ever stop to consider that if you don’t pause and be a part of the real world and connect personally that you might not have a real-life?

So stop! Take a moment. Let go of all those urgent things that you must do and think about what is important to you. Take time to reconnect with your self and your creativity. (Yes, you are creative.) You are after all more than a professional, a worker, a grandmother, a mother, a daughter, a student, a teacher, a yogi, or any other “classification”! So breath in slowly, breath out and be a part of the real-life you want to lead.

For me, this means to focus on family, making art, reading (and not watching television), getting back to the basics of breath, meditation, and movement. What does getting connected mean to you?

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